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Here are my templates. I have created them for a while for the Friday activity in the Yahoo-Group PSPTimesThree.
Now I'm sharing them with you. Have fun exploring.

I have zipped them up in bundles by roughly ten.

Terms of Use
You may
- use them for your tutorials
- upload single templates for your tutorials or activities to your site
- integrate individual templates with the material-zips of your tutorials
- share them in your groups or forums

You may not
- take them as your own
- make money with them
- upload the zip-files as they are on any file sharing sites

Please leave the copyright layer intact.

You can download these terms of use as text file by clicking on the headline above.

Click on the preview to download.

Template 001-010 Template 011-025
Template 026-035 Template 036-045
Template 046-055 Template 056-060
Template 061-070 Template 071-080
Template 081-090 Template 091-100
Template 101-110 Template 111-120

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